The Lover Veteran is a private and exclusive club for both men and women. It serves as a refuge from the typical platitudes of relational self-help programs.

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The Love Veteran has no strict rules except to love and honor thyself and lover. This means taking off the mask and getting back to your true nature.

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The single most dangerous component in life is learning to communicate from the heart. Relationship consultations are designed to breakdown the protective walls and open to love.

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What is a Love Veteran?

Someone who breaks through the walls of defenses from years of hurt and the vulnerability that rises up and someone who finally has the courage to show up to the relationship and share who they really are, even when they are met with the emotional defenses of the other person.



This website is dedicated to The Love Veterans who are willing to break through their pain to find real, lasting love on the other side. This website features articles, podcasts and an opportunity to become an exclusive Love Veteran member.


The Love Veteran Creed

This information on this site is about loving yourself and using relationships as a mirror to your deepest essence. It promotes self-love and practical wisdom. The Love Veteran creed is to love one another for we know not what we do when we engage relationally.


Getting Ahead Relationally

How do you get ahead in relationships? Decoding relationships is definitely not easy. Understanding comes from seeing the truth from all the masks and mirrors. When you get to this place, and all dating and attempted mating is a journey to this destination, and when you arrive, there is always another riddle to solve due to the complexity of nature. Relationships are the single most amazing event we can ever encounter.


The Love Veteran Book Collection

The Love Veteran Book is available and is highly recommended for seeing the big picture. Each chapter uniquely outlines the symbiotic emotional, mental and financial union of two people. What people do is modify their dynamics to avoid certain components of this structure.

Knowing How to Share

Become a Member

Becoming a member allows you to join monthly coaching, it gives you the first volume of the Love Veteran Book Collection, and you will also receive a $100 off voucher for your private, one-on-one consultation with The Love Veteran founder, Valerie Bertrand.